Non Profit Work

Society for Technical Communication (STC)

Canada West Coast Chapter Secretary 2007-2011

2009-2010 was a challenging time. The exact nature of our Chapter’s incorporation became critical as STC International neared bankruptcy. In addition to the more usual duties of a Secretary, I sourced a lawyer to work pro bono helping us navigate this situation. Once I understood the issues myself, I then explained them to the other Executive Committee members, so that we could decide how to respond.

I was honored with the Chapter Volunteer of the Year Award in 2010 for my efforts in this crisis.

The STC has members in many countries around the world, but the experience of membership is very uneven outside of the “lower 48.” Many Chapters and Special Interest Groups were questioning the value that the organization provided in exchange for their professional dues — which were rising, due to the financial crisis. I participated in an extended Working Group to identify key issues that needed attention, to bring the non-USA members back into the fold.

Although membership numbers took an initial hit, we did manage to get through the situation, and today the STC is on a path to recovery — and our Chapter is thriving again.

Web Writing for Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (2008)

In 2008 I volunteered for the Pacific Assistance Dogs Society in Burnaby BC. I interviewed participants and supporters of PADS’ programs, and then wrote short human interest articles to help web site visitors learn about PADS and orient towards their own interests.

Here are some sample articles about PADS clients and their canine helpers.

 Web Site for Canada India Village Aid (2006-present)

The Canada India Village Aid web site is available at

This organization’s guiding principle is to foster self-help and self-reliance by supporting local initiatives which are nurtured, developed and implemented by strong local organizations in some of the poorest areas of the world.

The site was based on pictures taken by the executive during their visits to the various projects, and designed in bright colors to reflect the fabrics that India is known for.