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BC Hydro

Note from a colleague :-)

My first stop is always you to see if we have something internal. Second stop is Google.

Tantalus Business Process Role

Gina Loutet, Controller for Tantalus Systems

Tracey was able to translate the business requirements/issues into pragmatic solutions for a growing company.

Philippe Favreau, Chief Operating Officer for Tantalus Systems

As a change agent, Tracey has constantly demonstrated her capacity of challenging the status quo, building teams, reaching consensus, implementing changes.

Dan Eddinger, Director of Field Services for Tantalus Systems

Every time I needed a complete solution to a problem, be it technical, business process, coalition building, or others, she led her team to execute through to completion with first-time quality.

Thomas Jacob, HR Manager, sent 2 years after I left

In our Safety Committee Meeting, it was agreed upon that we would still love to hear your voice imparting the “do’s & do not’s”. Is that something you would be interested helping us with?

Services provided as Sole Proprietor

Murray Gardner (mdgardner.com)

You provide a great site with my minimal input. You take the information I cobble together and produce a graphic and business look from my material. It saves me trying to learn web stuff and allows me to do what I do best.

Igor Rabinovitch (K P Wood)

Five people read your manual and all were impressed by the structure and simplicity of the manual. I didn’t get many corrections, just adjustments. Good job.

Mark Kaufmann (thelinguist.com)

Excellent! Thanks a lot Tracey. Both parts of the user guide are ready to go. They turned out great!

Laura Enridge (author of Tro-Tros and Potholes)

I just got off the phone [with the publisher] and everything that was FTP’d to him over the weekend is looking good… Thank you for all the hard and last-minute work and support in making this happen. The result is going to be nothing short of a major dream realized for me.