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Leadership: Be a Secure Base

I recently found this in an internal newsletter at my current contract.

Employees want you as their leader, to genuinely look out for their best interests and to involve and support them to succeed. Once they feel your support is authentic and know you “have their back,” you become a “secure base” for them. You are then in a position to inspire or “dare” them to strive to meet their potential.

Becoming a “secure base” requires consistently demonstrating positive regard, being accessible, responsive and engaged in your interactions. You will know when you have become a “secure base” when your employees are secure and independent in their work and are comfortable coming to you for support and talking through their concerns.

Some of my proudest moments have been when staff I have mentored or managed have thanked me for providing this kind of leadership.

I rank higher than Google!

Loved this note from my colleague:

Frankly, I don’t know what I’m looking for. Alan mentioned something about “scope” documents and I have never heard of, seen or used one in my life. I just thought I’d ask you to see if you knew anything about them. My first stop is always you to see if we have something internal. Second stop is Google.